Is wordpress the future of web design?

We respect the tasks that customers want to perform on their own and are available to offer expert advice and provide any technical knowledge that is necessary. Being flexible and adapting to the times, that's why WordPress developers are the future of web design. Starting with a simple line of code 11 years ago, WordPress has evolved into the platform for more than 74 million websites. Even with a wide range of competitors offering similar functionality, WordPress continues to dominate the CMS market with a market share of 21.9%.

I've taken a closer look at WordPress than most. A new customizer is on the way that will make web design and content development more dynamic. This new feature is expected to make WordPress a more user-friendly CMS platform, not only for veterans, but also for modern web designers who will be able to use WordPress even more like a pro. This is just my 2 cents.

We'd love to hear your thoughts on the future of WordPress. Where do you see WordPress in the next 5 years? Even better, what would you like to see in the next version of WordPress? With the advent and popularity of WordPress page builders like Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, and these site-building tools (via Website Builder Insider), it's clear that there is a faction of WordPress users who are interested in front-end content design. The WordPress developer team has more than 70 developers who contribute to the WordPress core, which contains more than 430,000 lines. However, in the future, WordPress may become so easy to use that even those with no design experience can use a pre-installed template system to create an impressive website.

Now there are specialized WordPress developers who only work with WordPress and PHP, but unfortunately also web designers who offer low-quality websites for too much money by dragging and dropping. Wix or some WordPress plugins such as Page Builder) and templates, or Themes (such as WordPress). But, in the future, will WordPress develop its own mobile application that allows designers to create websites while traveling on a bus or waiting for a train? Of course, this is not an unrealistic prediction. In fact, there will be an influx of WordPress users as a result of new and attractive design patterns and plugins that are always coming.

What this means is that there will always be a connection between WordPress developers and web designers. If you would like to use WordPress in your own language, this could be your chance to create the WordPress that you'll be proud to show your children. WordPress remains the fastest growing web publishing software, and Google Trends shows that WordPress keywords rank higher than competitors such as Drupal, Blogger and Sharepoint among search engine queries. WordPress has published its own accessibility manual, but there are hundreds of other open source resources for developers on the web (such as the free WP accessibility plugin).

By incorporating a RESTful application programming interface (API), current WordPress applications could be supported, as well as mobile applications that use WordPress as a backend. But, if you're a web designer or developer, then you don't have to worry, since WordPress is an opportunity, not a danger. The sheer size of the market and the development community around WordPress are two reasons why it's great to base your business on WordPress.

Max Lee
Max Lee

I'm a senior reporter, WordPress Qualified, WordPress Theme Development Expert , with more than seven years experience as a professional journalist.