Is WordPress Enhancing Web Design Instead of Killing It?

Contrary to popular belief, WordPress is actually promoting online development rather than killing it. While some developers may be skeptical of the platform, it is one of the most reliable and stable systems available. Experienced web developers are still needed for complex tasks that cannot be done by yourself. Therefore, WordPress is actually creating more opportunities for web development, not taking them away.

Despite the fact that some developers may not be fond of the WordPress system, it is still one of the most dependable platforms on the market. With the help of stock photos and a familiar WordPress theme, you can create an impressive website in a matter of days. David is a passionate web designer who often shares his tips and tricks on CollectiveRay. When he's not blogging about web design, he's usually dreaming up his next big project.

WordPress recently celebrated its 17th birthday, proving that content management systems are here to stay. It already has thousands of templates and extensions that can be used by those with limited technical knowledge. If you don't like WordPress, there are other frameworks such as Drupal, Joomla, and Shopify that you can try out. Even though some may view WordPress as the downfall of the internet, it doesn't change the fact that the web has changed drastically over time.

If you feel threatened by platforms like WordPress and ready-to-use themes, then you're likely doing web design wrong. When WordPress first became popular, many people assumed it would replace web developers, but in reality it has helped them by creating new markets for them to specialize in. The problem was that WordPress was complex enough that even though someone with very little web knowledge could install a website, it was still powerful enough to handle more complicated tasks. But what if it isn't? What if instead of killing web design, these ready-to-use websites are helping to make web design more profitable? What if they are not cars that replace horses, but rather they are the Ubers for our usual taxis? Now that I've given my reasons why I feel like web design isn't being killed by premium themes, why don't you tell me your own reasons as to why you agree or disagree below? When you consider all the things WordPress does and what it is capable of, you quickly realize that WordPress is only helping to grow web design and development rather than killing it.

But once you start developing websites, you quickly learn that WordPress works with web designers and not against them. Again, if you don't have knowledge of web design, you won't be able to transfer your idea to digital paper. When you start out in web development, you might be intimidated because WordPress is one of the most common websites.

Max Lee
Max Lee

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