Is WordPress Enough to Become a Web Developer?

WordPress is one of the most popular solutions for creating a website, providing a website builder suitable for those looking for a reliable experience that can also offer great customization. With its robust infrastructure and built-in security, it's no wonder that many people wonder if WordPress will put an end to web development. The answer is no - WordPress makes it easier, faster and cheaper to create and edit websites, but there will always be a need for developers to create the core of WordPress, as well as themes and plugins that allow website owners to customize their design and expand their functions. WordPress provides different types of plugins for SEO or that developers need, and the blog feature is available for free, making it great for promoting your business.

This creates new markets where web developers can now extend from just WordPress to helping customers with themes, plugins or updates. In most cases, web developers should at least learn how to use WordPress, but not necessarily how to program with WordPress. You can work with templates, plugins, customize CSS, and get to know the ACP that you could certainly say you are a WordPress developer if you don't feel comfortable calling yourself a web developer (like when applying for a job). Web applications will inevitably provide more meaningful interaction with your users compared to the WordPress instance.

When you consider all the things WordPress does and what it is entitled to, you quickly discover that WordPress is only growing web design and development rather than killing it. WordPress thrives because the framework behind WordPress is strong and web developers who want to continue working in that field can't ignore it. However, any professional web developer should definitely avoid using WordPress to create custom web applications or complex types of websites. In addition, they don't have full control over the customization of their site's design with powerful WordPress themes.

And most web publishers, fast-growing startups, Fortune 500 companies, consulting firms, and development agencies that use WordPress have very specific and often unmet use cases for enablement (so they also tend to have fairly large internal WordPress DevOps teams).So if you're a good web developer but need to create a basic website such as a blog, it might be faster to use WordPress. Just by logging into a WordPress dashboard, many settings can be adjusted without the use of a web developer.

Max Lee
Max Lee

I'm a senior reporter, WordPress Qualified, WordPress Theme Development Expert , with more than seven years experience as a professional journalist.