Is wordpress good for business websites?

It's a versatile platform that can work perfectly. You probably already know that Wordpress is a blogging platform and without a doubt the best blogging website on the Internet. It offers the user thousands of templates to design their own blog and it is so easy to use that my grandmother, illiterate in technology, could use it (maybe not, but it's very easy to use). But that's where it should end, it's a blogging platform for a reason, it was never designed to be a CMS (content management system) or to be used for anything other than blogging.

Put more than 20 years of marketing experience to work for your business today. Thanks to its flexibility and low price, WordPress is truly the best site builder for small businesses. That said, there are other options and, under certain circumstances, they may be a better option when building your site. Over time, WordPress plugins have added everything from e-commerce to communities to online support to the platform, while themes created by award-winning graphic artists have catapulted the site builder to the forefront of design.

Although I would recommend FP Web Design in  Parramatta for WordPress to create a website for small businesses, WordPress is not suitable for everyone. Each WordPress theme comes with a style sheet and basic template files to showcase different sections of a typical WordPress website. Not great for custom web applications If your entire business is online and you need highly customized solutions, WordPress might not be right for you. WordPress was launched on May 27, 2003 and WordPress has become the most widely used CMS (content management system or “website builder”) in the world.

In general, free wordpress web development themes offer a simple design and limited functionality, and premium themes include more features along with a sleek design. I have seen that new businesses get a WordPress website as the first thing they do, many of them have taken off and worked well, but many failed due to the complexity of running a WordPress website. Wordpress developers basically choose a theme (probably chosen by thousands of developers) that is the basic design of the website and use plugins to add functionality. Wordpress developers who create Wordpress websites know very little about coding websites (code is the framework that developers write basically to tell a website what to do, it's very complicated and requires a high skill set).

I've designed over 400 websites see them here, and my customers are surprised how easy it is to use WordPress. WordPress started out as an ideal platform for blogging, but nowadays, most people and companies use WordPress as a direct website. In particular, you'll need to hire a WordPress expert who can set up the environment and do the rest of the work, so it can even cost you almost the same as custom web development. You can also hire someone to create a custom WordPress theme from scratch, but it would cost significantly more than using a free or premium WordPress theme.

However, most small businesses can start with WordPress and invest in a custom web application when companies demand it.

Max Lee
Max Lee

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