Can wordpress handle millions of pages?

Look at WordPress Mu, the software behind WordPress, com and its ability to run millions of pages and publications across the web. I think WordPress can definitely HANDLE a big site, but your skill and competence as a developer, and your hardware to run the damn thing are the things that should really come into play. WordPress can manage literally millions of posts. The only limits you will have for the number of posts, pages, images, media, etc.

will not be with WordPress itself or with your WordPress theme. But you're the hosting provider and your plan. Yes, WordPress can manage millions of users. In fact, some of the biggest websites on the Internet today with millions and millions of users are powered by WordPress.

There is no strict limit on the number of users a WordPress site can handle. WordPress dominates 65% of CMS market share and for good reason. It is easy to use, scales according to your needs and is completely free to use. There is no strict limit on the number of pages a WordPress site can handle.

WordPress code doesn't set a limit on page count and sites like BBC America have more than 45,000 pages. So, you can have as many as you want. Yes, WordPress can handle a lot of traffic. WordPress itself has no limits on the amount of traffic it can support.

However, your choice of web hosting and on-site performance optimizations can make or break your site's ability to handle heavy traffic. Now DevRix is a leading WordPress technical development agency with WordPress SaaS and a wealth of experience in multisite networks and experienced collaborators on its team. Handling large amounts of data over the Internet has much more to do with where the WordPress site and its servers are hosted rather than with the content management system (CMS) of WordPress itself. The real problem with managing a large database on WordPress is not WordPress itself, but the servers on which your website is hosted.

But rather, the WordPress hosting company that is hosting your WordPress website is able to handle those huge amounts of data without any problems or limiting issues. It's not the content management system that determines how many users your WordPress website or any WordPress website can handle, but it's the resources of the server and your web hosting provider that are likely to determine how well and how many users your WordPress website can handle. . WordPress can handle absolutely heavy traffic and, in fact, many of the popular sites you frequent are probably powered by WordPress.

The WordPress website can handle a lot of traffic, although it's not WordPress that does most of that work. The WordPress Multisite network is a WordPress feature that can help you create huge networks, scale your digital business, and manage thousands of subsites. However, any limit to the number of visitors who can visit your WordPress website at a time will be determined by your hosting provider, your hosting plan, and the amount of server space and resources your WordPress website has at your disposal. You need to make sure you have the latest web hosting features and the stable version of these platforms to create a solid environment for your WordPress site.

How much traffic any WordPress website can handle doesn't depend on WordPress, the CMS itself, but on where it's hosted. Again, just like the number of posts your WordPress can handle, the amount of traffic your WordPress site can handle will depend on your server and your server resources. While business owners may mistakenly view WordPress as software, experienced developers know that WordPress is a powerful framework that can solve complex business problems. .

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Max Lee

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