Is wordpress considered web development?

For purists, a common question is whether WordPress is considered “web development”. The answer is absolutely yes, because WordPress is a platform, rather than a website. It is the foundation on which to build and develop websites. It depends on what you're doing.

If you're simply installing WordPress and using plugins to create a website, I don't even know what it's called, but it's nowhere near web development, or even web design. There are a lot of web developers who don't even know html or css, they just know how to install some plugins and a drag-and-drop editor and refer to themselves as web developers. In my opinion, if you're not programming, you're not a developer. There is a stigma with WordPress and a lot of people discredit it because of the myriad of horrible ways that are used to create websites.

For example, some guy who buys a crap theme out of the theme forest that requires 20 plugins to work. This is the worst possible way to create websites. On the contrary, WordPress can be used to develop lightweight websites from scratch. You can simply program your own theme.

I agree that it's a little difficult to work with WordPress if you need more than just a simple brochure website with its meta post and post settings. I use WordPress predominantly for small business websites, for anything custom I would use laravel and vue js. In short, if you're not coding the language you prefer, you're not a developer, if you don't understand how the system works and you can't extend or customize it without the help of plugins, you're not a web developer. If you can program a theme or create a plugin from scratch, you're a web developer, but it's probably a good idea to learn more than just WordPress, as WordPress can make simpler custom development a chore.

The downside of fully customized web development versus WordPress development is basically cost and time. If you need a site quickly or have a limited budget for professional web design, you can choose to design a WordPress site. WordPress is a well-respected software for which a designer can create custom templates, to give your site a look that suits your business and your budget. WordPress sites are great for less complex websites.

To do this, WordPress developers must have a thorough understanding of the core structure and functionalities of WordPress. Although both titles work on both sides of the web development process, a WordPress developer typically performs a much smaller subset than a full-stack web developer does. So if you're a good web developer, but you need to create a basic website, such as a blog, it might be faster to use WordPress. You can work with templates, plugins, customize CSS and know the ACP, you could certainly say you are a WordPress developer if you don't feel comfortable calling yourself a web developer (like when applying for a job).

Check out the most comprehensive collection of WordPress plugins out there, all coded by expert WordPress developers. However, in the context of web development, there are many other job titles, whose responsibilities have tasks similar to those that WordPress developers do. If you have enough time and capital to consider custom web development versus WordPress development, you can opt for a site that is truly unique and fits all the exact specifications you have in mind. Although WordPress is an open source platform, its source code is not designed to be modified by others.

I have been creating websites from scratch using wordpress for 2 years and right now I feel that I am not a real web developer and I feel like an impostor. A WordPress website, developed by a web designer, offers some of the custom features of a fully customized site, possibly in a shorter period of time. As they focus on WordPress websites, WordPress developers should be able to understand the structure of the platform, as well as its main functions and libraries. Although creating a website with WordPress is an easy task, it is always suggested to consider the help of a trusted WordPress development company to create highly personalized and professional websites.

Definitely, WordPress developers are REAL developers whose functions involve both front-end and back-end development for a WordPress website, using multiple languages and programming techniques. The WordPress developer is a skilled PHP developer who possesses the necessary knowledge to understand the main architecture of WordPress, create a WordPress site, as well as develop custom plugins and themes for WordPress. When designers develop the theme, it won't look like a large number of other WordPress sites out there. .


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