Are web designers becoming obsolete?

The good news is that web designers are not yet completely obsolete. However, in a possible future scenario, AI software can learn autonomously, improve its algorithms, refine frontend web coding and develop new design principles and pattern libraries on the web, without any human intervention. At the end of the day, web design hasn't died. As long as we need websites, we'll need developers and web designers.

They are the architects of the digital world and we can't have buildings without architects. Traditional web development isn't dying. On the contrary, the demand for web developers continues to increase. According to Code Academy founder Ryan Carson, “The demand for developers will always exist.

Keep this in mind if you want to become a web designer or are thinking of starting a web design business. It's a fair question in an era when elegant and professional-looking websites can be designed using the template resources and sophisticated e-commerce platforms available on the web and where you can subscribe to the tools needed to analyze and quantify your site's visitors, ask why is the professional website designer still necessary to design, build and monitor the operation of your site. When an experienced web designer creates a page, he can take all of that into account so that the result reflects his business correctly. As a discipline, web design has already exhausted its possibilities, an emerging combination of technological and cultural trends highlights the need for a broader approach.

Although you can change colors, typography, background and graphics, web design will still be typical. For example, markets that boast of offering users a ton of high-quality artwork to create a true masterpiece rely heavily on the web designers who back each and every product. Things like user experience and brand identity are missing when a program tries to imitate a professional web designer. So, until we need another nifty hamburger button, web designers don't have an extraordinary job to do.

Also, if something goes wrong with your website, you'll need a web developer or web designer to fix it. Here you will read the various reasons why some people think web design is dead and the truth about this important industry. They're running APIs that control that without any kind of web interface and that new interface may not necessarily require web, in terms of web design and development. There is no doubt that the tasks for which a web designer is responsible have changed dramatically over the years.

So is web design a race in extinction? Cost-effective solutions that can be handled by non-tech-savvy people to create web designs without any help are quite compelling reasons why web designers can become obsolete.

Max Lee
Max Lee

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