How much do wordpress designers make?

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If you are a WordPress developer or want to become one, we have good news that your skills are in demand. In fact, more than 400 million websites are powered by WordPress, accounting for more than a third of all active sites on the Internet. WordPress development is a lucrative industry that attracts growing companies and independent freelancers. The field covers a wide scope of work, including frontend and backend website development, and WordPress developer salaries vary depending on roles.

With that in mind, you might be wondering what is the average salary of a WordPress developer. And perhaps the most important thing is that you are curious about how you can increase your profits over time. In this post, we'll review what the average WordPress developer does, as well as what you can do to increase your salary and grow your career in this space. With a 42% market share, WordPress is the best content management system in the world and a popular choice for those looking to create a site.

That said, creating a website can be a difficult task, and some people may not have the knowledge, time, or patience to create a site on their own. WordPress developers will also perform specialized tasks, such as migrating an existing website to the WordPress platform or creating sitemaps and wireframes. Depending on the customer's needs, WordPress developers can expect variable compensation for their work depending on what is asked of them. That's why it's important to keep track of your WordPress developer salaries so you can compare your offers to your industry standard rate.

Because work and industry vary, there is no standard for how much a WordPress developer earns. The term “WordPress developer” is often used as a general phrase for professionals working on WordPress websites. This includes everything from site construction to day-to-day administration. Because of this discrepancy, the salary of one position may be very different from that of another, even though the charges are similar.

Another reason to compare salaries is that many people find it uncomfortable to talk about salaries. According to a survey by compensation software management company, Beqom, 41% of employees were uncomfortable talking about salary. However, knowing the salary range of WordPress developer jobs can help you maximize your earning potential. Being armed with knowledge of industry standard compensation can help you negotiate during interviews, so you are paid a competitive rate.

The WordPress developer salaries indicated in the table above cover the base salary estimates for WordPress developers at various stages of their careers. The average annual salaries at the top end of the list are for more experienced WordPress developers, while those at the bottom are for junior WordPress developers who have between zero and two years of experience. Many WordPress developers are freelancers, which means they are not full-time employees. Unlike salaries for full-time employees, the figures in this section vary because independent markets take global rates into account, as they have freelancers from all over the world.

For this section, we analyzed data from several general freelance markets, such as Upwork, Fiverr, and People per Hour. If you live in a country with a higher cost of living, such as. UU. However, they increase significantly when you look at the markets of specialized freelancers.

Specialty freelance markets, such as Codementor or Codeable, require freelancers to take tests to demonstrate their skills before they can be hired for a job. Due to the selection process, you are guaranteed to hire freelancers with more experience. Therefore, the rate is on par with the standard and average rates of independent WordPress developers. If you are interested in working as a freelancer, check out our full guide here.

Now that you know market rates, how does your salary compare? Knowing how much other people are paid is only the first step, but knowledge is worthless if you don't use it. So how can you increase your WordPress developer salary? If you want to earn more as an independent developer, it's as easy as increasing your rates. The thing about rising rates is that it often sounds easier said than done. The most common reasons that slow you down are not knowing how or when to raise rates or worry about losing your customers when you do.

First things first, how do you know when to raise your rates? If you're feeling overworked constantly, have a close rate of almost 100%, or you feel your hourly rate is dropping, you may need to charge more. Secondly, if you are worried that charging higher rates will scare customers away, remember that there will always be people willing to pay for your service. Eligible customers are often willing to pay more and easier to work with. There are different pricing models that independent WordPress developers can use.

Whether you choose to charge by the hour or by project, remember to highlight the value you bring to a project. As a WordPress developer, you never have to worry about work because you can get into fields such as developing plugins or themes, designing the frontend of the website, managing the backend and much more. However, one way to earn more is to serve a smaller, more specialized market. It may seem counterintuitive to eliminate 90% of your leads, but when you establish yourself as an expert in a specific field and limit your customer base, you may demand higher fees because you provide a unique service.

For example, you can choose to only serve WooCommerce business owners. WordPress developers have three options to specialize in core software, plugins or themes. You can work in all of these areas, but you're likely to get more benefits if you become an expert in a. In addition to narrowing down niches, improving your skill set can also help you earn a higher WordPress developer salary.

You can review WordPress programming languages such as PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS. You can enroll in online courses to learn additional skills and earn certifications. In addition to reinforcing your technical skills, you can also benefit from developing your soft skills. Also known as basic skills, soft skills relate to the way you behave in professional environments.

As a freelancer, in addition to carrying out the technical scope of work, you are also responsible for everything related to the business aspect, such as searching for customers, negotiating agreements or deciding your rates, all of which require soft skills. When you present yourself as a professional, customers are more willing to accept an increase in rates because they find you more reliable and capable of producing results. Freelancers are nothing without a set of tools that make their work easier. You don't necessarily need to have all this, nor should you choose the most expensive tools.

Instead, choose standalone tools that automate the less desirable aspects of running a business. As a WordPress developer, you'll have customers asking you to create websites. In addition to web hosting, website creation will often require products such as form builders, page builders, or backup and migration solutions. Some customers will have their preferred solutions, while others will ask you for recommendations.

Since you will suggest solutions anyway, why not earn passive income with those recommendations? This is called affiliate marketing, where you get a percentage commission for every sale a customer makes using your affiliate link. Take a look at the HubSpot affiliate program as an example. WordPress development is a very profitable field, especially at a time when companies need websites to compete in their industry. But this is far from true because, on average, most freelance web designers bill less than 50% of their working hours.

There are also web designers who work with WordPress and try to find customers to work with in their local communities. For the past few years, I've spent most of my time advising WordPress consultants in the United States who want to run their own web design businesses. The truth is that, today more than ever, freelance WordPress consultants have the potential to earn up to the 6 figures they run their own web design business of individual entrepreneurs. Today, the web design market is packed with low-budget developers and ever-improving DIY website builders, such as Wix and Squarespace.

As the world's leading CMS and a platform that powers millions of websites that earn their owners billions of dollars each year, WordPress itself, and the skills of WordPress professionals, have enormous value. If you want to get into WordPress development, knowing the average salary of a WordPress developer is a crucial step to help you maximize your profits. Of the developers of major open source content management platforms (or web developers in general), WordPress developers are often at the bottom. Nowadays, with so many different ways to get a WordPress website, the cost of a WordPress project is total.

A WordPress developer is someone who can create custom themes or plugins from scratch, who understands enough about the WordPress codebase to write plugins to modify the functionality of a site, and can manage development and hosting settings. However, this is far from true, because most freelance web designers generally bill less than 50% of their working hours on average. So, you'll have to budget for several monthly retention packages that include everything from technical services such as hosting, plugin updates, backups, and general site maintenance to your customers' monthly needs, such as web design. .


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